_Oosterstraat 17

_85 m2 

_High ceilings: 3.5 - 4 meters
_Suitable for 1-8 persons
_Mix & Match for the perfect set-up

_Large table for up to 8 people
_Lounge area’s voor break-sessions

_Changing room when used as a photostudio

_Wifi internet
_JBL Bluetooth Music Box
_Nespresso coffee
_Daylight lightning set

_Refrigirator with cold beverages

_Tablewear en cuttlery

_Backdrop (dark and light fabric)

_Accessoiries and props

If there’s something you need for your session, please contact us to discuss possibilities

_165 euro for a time-slot (2 hours)

_255 euro for half a day (3.5 hours)
_445 euro for a full day (8 hours)
_635 euro for a full day incl evening (12 hours)
Prices are excluding 21% VAT (BTW).