Oosterstraat 17

We are working on something beyond imagination


The Studio is the place where aesthetics - meets creativity - meets inspiration. The place to reinvent yourself, your brand and your team. The Space to create only the exceptional.

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The Studio is the social venue to boost your creativity and productivity while inspiring you in a raw but polished environment. Here you don’t just think outside the box, you will think of ways to make the box disappear indefinitely. The place where aesthetics meet creativity and inspiration to reinvent yourself, your brand and your team. Let your senses be amazed by our Awareness Cubicals and experience our take on a space to create only the exceptional. You will be away from your natural habitat but will feel right at home.


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This is the place to explore and discover the full potential of your brand, training, personal brand shoot and workdays. No matter who you are or what you do, you can sit with us. 

Oosterstraat 17

We are working on something beyond your imagination


_Oosterstraat 17

_85 m2 

_High ceilings: 3.5 - 4 meters
_Suitable for 1-8 persons
_Mix & Match for the perfect set-up

_Large table for up to 8 people
_Lounge area’s voor break-sessions

_Changing room when used as a photostudio

_Wifi internet
_JBL Bluetooth Music Box
_Nespresso coffee
_Daylight lightning set

_Refrigirator with cold beverages

_Tablewear en cuttlery

_Backdrop (dark and light fabric)

_Accessoiries and props

If there’s something you need for your session, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

_165 euro for a time-slot (2 hours)

_255 euro for half a day (3.5 hours)
_445 euro for a full day (8 hours)
_635 euro for a full day incl evening (12 hours)
Prices are excluding 21% VAT (BTW).


The Studio is something you have not seen before, here you will explore the full potential of your brand and take your concept to a whole new level. Read more

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You know what they say; if you’re the smartest in the room, you’re in the wrong room. We invite you to joint OUR room no matter who you are, you can sit with us.

(oh, and no killing contracts of long term memberships) Read more

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"There has been a shift in the common way to spark creativity and inspiration. Nowadays we take our inspiration in take and creativitiy sessions seriously. As a famous quotes says: ‘Creatives are the new Athletes ‘ every day challenges now require a playingfield to train our traits.” - The Studio